Google Voice Goofs

I’ve been procrastinating for the past half hour while reading about Google Voice Screwups and other funny Google Voice gaffes and recalling some of the funnier ones I personally have received, such as:

Kaiser Permanente’s auto dialer, which seems to have a bit of a stammer, calling to remind me of my son’s appointment in the Pediatrics department:

Hello This is Kaiser Permanente a yeah calling with an appointment reminder.

Bye has an appointment at. Yeah Center Rosa Medical Center. You’re 925 Old Redwood  Highway. Yeah tricks department. Yeah returns dying building. ON. Yeah, this day.
February 1st. At. Your E P M, yes, remember to come to this appointment with your 
health plan card. Yeah complete list of your medications. Yes, for members over the age of 16. 
Bye photo ID.

Sabrina from Sexy in Six Weeks calling in response to a question I had:

Hello, this is the breeding giving you a call. With my commune 6 weeks. talk to you soon. Take care. Bye. Love.

Or the day my husband wanted to let me know he was hanging out with our son and they were at our local coffee shop, Coffee Catz:

Hey wire with copy cats.

My son’s poor teacher. Her first name rhymes with the word “mail”:

Hi, this is a whale calling from the classroom.

Hey you, this is layout.

Hey, this is the mail.

Hey, this is failed again.

My younger brother apparently has an offbeat nickname for me:

Hey trip brother. Call me.

My husband again… was he drinking that day?

This is not available, okay bye bye, hi ma’am, no one’s going to. I can drink. Goodbye work ha ha ha. Okay bye. Stock date.

My boss even found time to include a small term of endearment when he called me at work:

Hey darling, this is [boss’ name].

I love the convenience of GV, particularly when I don’t want to listen to a voicemail or I want to re-read the message that was left. But how convenient is it, really, when the messages come across so garbled? Lost in translation??

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4 Responses to Google Voice Goofs

  1. Jen says:

    Ha! These are hilarious!

    • nlguy says:

      Hey Jen, have you read (It’s NSFW but soooo funny!)

    • nlguy says:

      Oh, I was just getting ready to close out my GV window and found one I’d forgotten about:

      “Hi, This message is from a man, My name is Diane, I’m calling from the YWCA.”

      Can’t remember who or what exactly the person was calling about…

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