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Join Me for a Swim Tonight

photo by oHoTos via PhotoRee July 1977. Hotter-than-normal weather had taken the small town and Ken and Marge seized the opportunity to host a block party in their massive back yard. The adults had just popped open another Coors and … Continue reading

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Off on a Tangent

A typical conversation in my house happening tonight: Husband: There’s been a lot of cuts in the school district [that he works in]. Me: Yeah, the economy really has been doing a number lately. It’s doing a number two! 7-year-old … Continue reading

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Rocket Surgery for Fun and Profit

Fellow Toastmasters and honored guests… have you ever, suddenly and without warning, wanted to chuck your computer out the window? What was it exactly that caused you to have such a violent reaction? Was it a drop down menu on … Continue reading

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A Depressive Named Laughing Boy

photo by Dude With Camera via PhotoRee One night about six years ago, I was sitting at the computer (as I am, admittedly, often want to do), when something inside urged me to Google Crowded House, the phenomenal Melbourne, Australia-based … Continue reading

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