I Throw My Hands Up in the Air Sometimes…

I was downstairs cleaning up one night when the singing started.

My 8 year old son, upstairs getting ready for bed, had discovered a new song via a classmate and was enamored of it:

We gonna rock this club, we gonna go all night, we gonna light it up like it’s dynamite…

I had to laugh. C’s new favorite song was “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz, an ode to celebrating and living life. Good for him, I thought.

Every so often, I read back through my blog posts and I realize the serious tone I maintain here. I’ve tried to veer towards other subjects but I keep coming back. I think it may be fulfilling a need, and if others find my musings helpful or at least validating I’ll leave them be.

Today, I want to talk about joie de vivre. I think, all too often, those who grew up in dysfunction forget to just enjoy life, whether it be singing (and dancing) to Taio Cruz, enjoying nature, or spending time with treasured friends and family.

Too often, the wounded child grows into a wounded adult and, although he escapes the abuse, he lives his life as if he’s still that child and still in immediate danger.

This often takes the form of “paying it forward”, that is, perpetuating the same dysfunction he grew up with, lashing out, behaving erratically, or using drugs or alcohol. This ensures he never truly heals.

This is no way to live. Most people are helpful, kind and good at heart.

The way to grow and heal is to learn these truths and to just be. Enjoy life!

I was happy to receive this little reminder in the form of a (literal) small voice and wanted to pass the message on.