Numbers Game

I have the mind of a 20 year old and the body of a 30 year old.

In less than three weeks, I’ll turn 38. This doesn’t just bug me, it outright SCARES me.

Because I know 40 is coming all too soon.

Because I know women become “invisible” and “irrelevant” after 50, and that’s suddenly looking too close for comfort.

Because it makes me fear for everything from my health (which is currently perfect), to my body, to my love life (my 48 year old husband has been joking for years about trading me in for two 20 year olds), to my career and even my future relationship with my son.

I know what “they” say. Age is JUST a numbers game; don’t worry about it. But when men stop looking at you and people stop referring to you as “that girl” and begin saying “that lady”, you know things are shifting. And it’s a much bigger shift for women than for men.

That said, I’m heartened to see that Beyonce, who’s 30, and JLo, who’s in her mid-40s, are People Magazine’s two most recent World’s Most Beautiful women.

On the cover of People this week is Jennifer Aniston, who’s also over 40.

I may not be as thin and desirable as I was at 20, but I guarantee you that I’m just as attractive and a lot smarter than I was then. With age comes not just wisdom but confidence and, for many women, security.

It’s well past time the media realized this and celebrated it.

I wonder whether the current batch of over-30 and over-40 hot, relevant and high earning female stars is a new thing. If so, are we witnessing a social shift?

If so, thank God!


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