You Only Think You Can’t

Every animal on earth is here for a purpose. We humans, with our impressive brain size and ability to transform our bodies to incredible extremes, are no exception. God literally put us on this planet to figure stuff out.

Which is why it annoys me to no end to hear people say “Oh, I could never do that!” I’ve heard that sentiment applied lately to everything from losing weight to using home banking. One friend, after inadvertently sending me the same email multiple times, called herself a “retard” (that word, by the way, is to a mom of a special needs child as a red flag is to a bull, but I cut her slack).

It’s really begun to piss me off to constantly hear my friends and relatives declare that they are “too old”, “too fat”, “too stupid”, “too inexperienced”, insert-your-favorite-adjective to do… well, much of anything besides bitch about their situation. Sorry, but if you’re constantly telling me you can’t, in my head you start to sound more and more like Eeyore from the Winnie the Pooh franchise.

Do you suppose the first humans to use fire said “I can’t”? How about the inventor of the automobile? Steve Jobs? Special Olympians?

You may think you can’t, but you don’t have any empirical evidence of that until you’ve put some effort into it. I’m trying to drop a few pounds and decided this morning to do the very aptly-named Insanity workout. I made it to 30 out of 40 minutes – not shabby for being a non-athlete and desk jockey nearing 40.

What is it that you “wish” you could do? What would it take to get there? Using the energy to figure out the steps will take you a lot farther than developing and vocalizing all the excuses why you can’t.


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