Buon Anniversairre


I can’t do math to save my life, but I have a head for numbers. I can remember, for example:

My high school best friend’s old phone number 
The exact weight, down to the fraction of an ounce, of my son at birth
The birthdays – and quite a few hire dates – of almost all my direct coworkers
It should be no big surprise, then, that anniversary dates are meaningful to me. I was delighted to learn, the other day, that today marks two years since I began blogging on WordPress. 
I’ve had other blogs before, but this one has longevity. By writhing and sharing a piece of myself with the world, I have grown and seasoned myself. Along the way, I’ve also worked through some personal issues and met a few people.
So, yes, today’s anniversary is significant to me (and, for what it’s worth, tomorrow is the anniversary of my birth). Here’s to two more years of writing and sharing!
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