Subconscious ESP

I had the strangest dream last night… OK, I have strange dreams every night, but normally, the morning bedlam (alarm clock, cat yowling, husband throwing shoes on the floor or watching TV) causes the fine details to evaporate by the time my eyes are fully open. I really should keep a voice activated recorder by the bed, but I occasionally get lucky, memory-wise, without one.

Anyway. I had a dream last night that I became a doctor, specializing in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and I got hired as an in-house consulting physician at a startup in the San Francisco Financial District (the company’s major market share was in Japan, for some reason; I don’t remember what their product was, but they had some acronym for it). I hopped on Golden Gate Transit in downtown Santa Rosa to commute to work and the bus was delayed by over an hour. “No problem, ” said my new bosses, “we’re just happy to have you on board!”

It was a luxury bus, and the GGT staff served all us passengers these gourmet sandwiches (they had portobello mushrooms and goat cheese on a baguette) while we waited to get going.

After work, I went to the home of a new colleague I’d befriended. She and her family had moved from the small city I live in to San Francisco and had a cute little apartment down there. I was in her 6-year-old daughter’s room, playing, and gazing at the photo of the Golden Gate Bridge on the wall.

By the time I woke from the dream and was still in that half-asleep state I felt that, sure, earning an M.D. in NLP was completely plausible and maybe I’d look into it one day…

I checked my email a couple of hours later, and there was an email from the NLP & Coaching institute, informing me that a hypnosis certification program is starting up in 2 weeks.

Cute the Twilight Zone theme…


2 thoughts on “Subconscious ESP

  1. Weird! So, are you going to learn hypnosis?

    Also, I like “Cute the Twilight Zone theme…” even though I think you meant cue. 😉

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